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Story of Demise

Once upon a time there was a big, mutant, demon reptile. And the reptile said, “Hey. Let’s go fuck an ape. *derp*” So the reptile went to the jungle. There he found the world’s largest, fattest, ape. And that ape happened to be the spawn of Satan. So they went back to the ape’s house and, well, let’s just say they scared half the population of the jungle that night. Nine months and 40 hours of excruciating labor later, they had a baby! The were gonna name him “Denise” but unfortunately, the ape wasn’t the smartest in the world. So they named him Demise. He was kinda cute, in that baby way, but a week later, everyone hated him. The trees, bugs, poachers, animals, Satan, the goddesses. So he got into drugs at a young age; 6 months and a half. He took steroids. He did all his life. He was sent to hell by his grandpa, who would “Turn him into quite the demon” while he was there. 18 yeas later, BOOM, he’s a king. A Demon King. He got tons of servants and shit. If only he wasn’t stuck in hell. Let’s skip ahead a few eons. So now he is a cruel, unloving, callous guy. A horrible guy left with a baby demon. A cute little rascal, he was. He was aso Demise’s weapon. Okay, let’s skip again to now. Now he is dead. Well…that’s it.

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